Tuning Out and Logging Off…

Okay- as it turned out, the last update wasn’t completely final. I’ve fitted in two more, and now my mission in Edinburgh is (for better or worse) fully accomplished:

STEPHANIE DALEY- an extremely powerful, subtly played and ultimately harrowing drama about an American teenager who may have neglectfully killed the child she says was stillborn, and how her story impacts on the pregnant Forensic Pathologist who’s called in to judge her mental competence. Tilda Swinton plays the pathologist and is her usual stunning self, while this has a lot of very interesting things to say about the approach to teen sexuality in American life.
THE FLYING SCOTSMAN- It’s a full-on real-life ‘triumph over adversity’ story, as cyclist Jonny Lee Miller constructs a super-bike from old washing machine parts, and takes on all comers as well as attempting to tackle his potentially life-threatening mental disorder. It’s all very traditionally played, but there’s some good moments in there- it just doesn’t quite manage to escape the whiff of formula.

And that’s it. Edinburgh is, for want of a better phrase, over and done with. I’ve also found out that I’ve been given an extra ten minutes with Guillermo Del Toro tomorrow, so I’ve got a total of an hour- which is both fantastic, and a bit downright intimidating. Still, in 24 hours it’ll be all over. I’ve got a few things to do, and then a meal to cook, and then it’ll be time to get on the bus, and survive the journey back down to London.

Plus, Sean Connery just wandered casually past the desk where I’m using the internet, so I think that’s a surreal enough note upon which to stop.

It’s been a weird kind of fun, and I’m looking forward to being back.

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