Victorian Virtues

Okay- it’s Who, week deux, and I’m going to try not to go on for too long about this week’s episode of Who, mainly because of the fact that it actually left me kind of uninterested. There really wasn’t that much to it, except “Oh, we’re in Scotland!” “Look, Queen Victoria!” “HOLY SHIT! A WEREWOLF!!” and then lots and lots of running around. Again, we had a climax that really made very little sense whatsoever (from a writer who should drop the “T” and have Deus Ex Machina as his middle name), and a final scene that leapt from a bizarrely sombre moment where Queen Victoria banishes the Doctor and Rose for taking their dangerous lives far too frivolously, to a lengthy camp gag about “Ha, ha, the Royal family are Werewolves!” Russell T. Davies seems to veer from loving the horror side of Who to derailing entire episodes with camp in-jokes, and never finds a balance. And the whole, myth-making Torchwood running plotline is getting kind of tiresome. If they’ve got time to basically trail an upcoming spin-off, they’ve got time to think up an ending that actually makes sense. It’s all shiny, CGI surface- take it away, and there’s very little there. Suddenly, last week actually seems slightly better….

Elsewhere, life has been very little other than writing the book, which is going gradually but well. I’m coming to terms with the fact that, at the current going rate, it might end up quite long (I’m up to 50,000 words of the current draft, and I’ve only got a quarter of the way through the story). The fact that I keep finding ways of making the plot even more complicated has absolutely nothing to do with it… but I’m having fun, and will hopefully be able to start showing bits of it to people soon.

Lots to do. Not enough time to do it…

4 thoughts on “Victorian Virtues

  1. Pauline Collins looked impressively Queen V-ish, didn’t she? (Am resolutely defending it out of devils advocat-cy.)
    Good luck writing, just wanted to say. O, and please, could you pass a message to George to remind her to contact Jenny please about the free LionBoy books. Stef says he’ll post them off to her school library (freepost) from work so she doesn’t have to lug kilos of juv. lit. across London. But he needs address to send to, or her email to get address to send to. And I forgot to mention it to her, I think. Senile. Or dementia at least.


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