Hill Society

The plan for the evening was to go to the screening of SILENT HILL- but instead, Pathe decided to cancel it (only three days before the film is due to be released!). Print problems was their excuse. I ended up scurrying around the West End, and finally working my way into a screening of TELL ME WHO YOU ARE, a rather odd documentary about a famed cinematographer and his relationship with his son, which was halfway between illuminating and being a jumbled rummage through other people’s home movies.

There’s a few new pieces up at my fiction blog Division X– it’s all strange, weird, subconscious stuff. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My blogging levels will be low for a while, as I’m currently entering an intensive time where I’ll be writing solidly for the next four weeks, in an attempt to get the novel into serious shape. As a result, sitting in front of this screen typing is the last place I want to be, but I will try and keep things under control and keep up to date. At the least, it’ll be a good way of working out my Who-related frustrations…

George had the venerable nessreader and lovely lovely Jenny from work (well, Jenny’s ex-Waterstones, technically…) over last night for dinner, and it was great fun- although nessreader, in her usual way, managed to write it up much better than I ever could. And she says she’s not a good writer. Phah…

Read on, Macduff…

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