Scares and Books

Last night, I had the extreme misfortune of sitting through SCARY MOVIE 4, and spent most of the film trying to restrain myself from decapitating the two girls next to me who were braying with laughter for the whole goddammed experience. I, on the other hand, wore the same kind of expression that I usually reserve for being shown autopsy footage or old editions of the Benny Hill show– at the least, I’ve just found out that SFX want me to review it for them, so at least I didn’t have to go through it for nothing.

The novel is actually going well- I ground to a halt over the weekend, as I expected I would, and getting severely drunk with the aid of a bottle of rum on Monday didn’t help, but it’s vaguely beginning to take shape. Once I get the next bit of subbing out of the way, I can really start hammering away at it. The first two chapters are in even better shape, and I’m gradually getting an idea of how the stuff that fits around what I’ve already written is actually going to function. It’s terrifyingly complicated though- and there are moments when my brain doesn’t feel remotely up to the task. It shall be done…

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