Clean Slate

Plans change- it’s a terribly important thing to remember. Today was supposed to be fairly heavy work, but I got to midday, realised I hadn’t slept well, and that I was aiming to do some serious writing tomorrow- and decided to stop. Instead, I did some cleaning in the bathroom- and while sometimes, I turn cleaning into the kind of thing my Mum used to do, sublimating annoyances and upsets into furious polishing and scrubbing, this afternoon was calm, relaxed, and exactly what I needed. I feel curiously elated by it, and ready to hopefully take on the next few days with a wink and a grin. I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m going to need it.

The novel keeps getting bigger in my head. It’s kind of scary, but I’m trying my best not to be too intimidated by the whole thing, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it once again. Part of me is slightly annoyed that the week is going to be broken up by three days of subbing- but the rest of me is viewing this quite sensible as an A++ good thing to happen.

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