The Future is Dark…

One of the biggest surprises this year is that I’ve suddenly gotten back into the idea of board games and- shock, horror- painting minatures. This is something that I haven’t done in an absolute eternity (last time was probably around 1990), and yet it’s actually very appealing. Probably the only frustrating thing is that in order to do it properly, you need loads of colours (I’ve currently got nine- so any colour schemes are very primary oriented), but I’ve done it a couple of times already, and it’s incredibly relaxing. I talked to Alec about it, and he said something that I completely agree with- that it’s nice to have something to do that’s completely meaningless, involves concentration, and has nothing whatsoever to do with watching something on a screen.

I’m having yet another busy week, which is kind of a shock- reviews are coming in thick and fast, but the thing which is really worrying me is trying to get my fiction writing on track. Writing a book is going to involve so much work, and if I don’t get started soon, how the hell am I ever going to finish?

2 thoughts on “The Future is Dark…

  1. Painting miniatures, we used to spend ages blending 3 or 4 colours into shades we wanted – flesh tones were a bugger, and one time I was idiot enough to buy a lead thingie that had flames in it, and my version of fire was not convincing even if you had poor vision. It’s very soothing to do though, even more so if you wear skanky clothes and (but possibly you don’t wipe your brush on your Tshirt like a fiveyearold? bad habit)
    Me, am recently noxiously hooked on sudoku for bovine zoning out. It swallows up entire evenings the way Solitaire marathons used to.
    Good luck with getting the original writing done, alongside everything else. Have to say how great it is that your reviewing is in demand.


    • Bless you, m’dear!
      Am in the middle of a load of writing at the moment. Am also slightly annoyed at the fact that I’m not updating much- I got into the swing of things in Edinburgh, and now it’s a real effort.
      Just sold something on Ebay to someone in Germany. Gulp!


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