I never could get the hang of Thursdays…

So, what have we learned over the last few days?

Val Kilmer is more charming than you’d expect.
Michelle Monaghan thinks my name is “beautiful”. (No lie.)
Robert Downey Jr finds it very difficult to stick to one subject- or to avoid stealing people’s matches.
Pierce Brosnan is tall, bearded, and a teensy bit dull.

I’m also having yet another week when my entire life seems to be taken up with stuff. I thought I’d actually succeeded in getting all the stuff out of the way, when suddenly another wave hit and I’m now reviewing the documentary Inside Deep Throat. Due in tomorrow. Gulp. Being busy is both very good and terribly frustrating, as I haven’t been able to get any writing done for the past few days, and considering that the London Film Festival kicks off very soon, life isn’t likely to get any easier. It’s all terribly good fun, but it does sometimes feel like life is accelerating to a rather intimidating blur. I feel the need to leap off the Merry Go Round, and I’ll probably end up spraining my ankle in the process. Metaphorically speaking.

I wish I had a little more to write about, but normal life for me is the tiny gaps that exist between the gigantic wadges of work (I’ve got a screening tonight as well, on top of everything else…). One very nice thing which happenned, however, is that the Dark Future boardgame that I got via Ebay turned up, and it’s great- a 1988 game that’s in fantastic condition, and I’m finding myself actually quite into the idea of painting and converting some toy cars for it, which is very unlike me. I like the tangible nature of the Games Workshop games, particularly the 1980s era ones, and the social nature of games- something I wasn’t really used to until I ended up with a gigantic set of in-laws.

Have to try and catch up with Nessreader’s blog as well- witty and completely barking, she’s a total one-off.

Right- off to try and battle the forces of injustice. There’ll be more, after these messages:

“With Mash, get SMASH!!!””

(And so on…)

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