The Countdown Continues

I’ve now completed the last bit of serious, has-to-be-done-tomorrow-or-else work that I’ve got to do at Edinburgh- the interview piece with Joss Whedon (it was culled from a Press Conference, sadly), and I feel good. Admittedly, it’s the traditional “Wait and See” section of the day when I get to find out if there are any hideous problems, but it should (hopefully) be all okay. I always feel a weird sense of peace and satisfaction at this point, and I’m really pleased that I’m doing a hell of a lot better than I was a few days ago. I’ve got a horror film called The Dark to watch in a little while- it’s based on a book called Sheep by Simon Maginn which i read ages and ages ago, although the synopsis of the film doesn’t seem to bear much relation to the synopsis of the book that I remember. I guess we’ll see. Am also torn between brit-flick The Business, or a programme of Music Vids at 11.30-12.00ish.

At the least, I’m way past the halfway point- after today, there’s only five days before I get on the bus. Unfortunately, there’s a little longer before I get to see George, as she’s off on Holiday with her Mum and Meryl and the kids for a week. It only sank in on the phone yesterday that I won’t be seeing her before next Saturday, and I didn’t handle it very well. It’s very hard sometimes not to act in rather a selfish, brattish “Isn’t the whole world about ME?!?” way- I said it was okay for her to go because it would have been monstrously selfish for me to have said no, and it’d be equally stupid for me to start making her feel guilty and bad about it just to make myself feel better. So I’m not going to. I’m going to be madly looking forward to seeing her again, but I can wait.

Also tonight, should hopefully be seeing the show that Barney- one of the teens from my dorm last week (not the one who was spectacularly drunk)- is helping out with up here. At least, I will be if I can work out what the hell the venue is, as despite having the name of the show and directions, I still can’t find it. It shall be acheived, it shall be acheived….

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