You should be dancing (Yeah…)

Aches and pains. Feeling like I’ve been run over by a small (but perfectly formed) truck.

I had a good night last night.

Headed to the GUY X party- and it was a walk and a half. In the north area of Edinburgh, down a pretty major hill and finally to a place called the Edinburgh Academy. The party was happening in their gymnasium, and it was fun trying to find it- I ended up wandering around this Victorian country house that looked like UNIT HQ from old episodes of Doctor Who- I even ended up on the roof at one point, purely by accident. After ten minutes of thinking this was a very complicated way of getting me out in the middle of nowhere and getting me assassinated, I finally found some signs to the party (even though they were in the traditional airport style of aiming in seemingly random directions), and eventually got there. A big, traditional, wooden-floored gymnasium complete with climbing ropes. I started in on the red wine fairly quickly, guzzled pretzels like there was no tomorrow, and then- the DJ arrived. And started playing Sixties tunes.

Well, that was it. I danced my ass off for most of the night, in the kind of mad, extravagant, I-don’t-give-a-damn-what-I-look-like style that I’m able to get when I’ve got the right music and I’ve got enough room. I was able to work out an awful lot of my tension from the last week, and feel a hell of a lot better as a result. I was also asked by two seperate people if I was a professional dancer, which really started to freak me out. I talked, I mingled, I had a tremendous amount of fun, and the evening vanished in an exciting, adrenalised blur. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, the best time I’ve had in Edinburgh so far.

And then, I managed to almost spoil it by accidentally leaving my jacket in the dinining room when I came back to the hostel with Sausage and chips (was desperate for something to eat), going to bed, and then waking up the next morning and freaking out. You know when you expect something to be there, and it’s not? Trouble was, it had my mobile in there as well, which would have been potentially a very serious problem- but a really nice Aussie guy who works at the hostel (and who I’d been chatting to in the Dining Room) remembered that I’d left it there (I wasn’t sure when I woke up- it could have been stolen, for all I knew) and was able to track it down, which I was very, very grateful for.

So, today is not (despite my initial fears) going to be a disaster. I’ve done the transcription for Serenity, and all I have to do now is transform it into copy. I’ll do as much else as I can today, but considering how achey and tired I am, it’ll be okay if I can’t manage that much.

This time next week, I’ll be home. And I think I can do the rest of this.

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