Subtext is Everything…

Okay- events are moving a little faster than usual.

I may have bagged a couple of big interviews at Edinburgh. Can’t say for what yet, but- at the least- I have people interested in getting hold of them, which is so much better than the whole “Striking in the Dark” thing. The annoying thing is, I want to be able to rush around, doing stuff. I’m working on the script to a short film that’s going very well, and I desperately want to get it finished before I have to go to Edinburgh- but I can’t push myself too hard. I’m better this morning than I have been, but there’s still that essential “Not rightness” that’s lurking around and reminding me that pain and discomfort are waiting patiently around the corner, seeing whether or not it’s their moment.

I’m also playing Doom 3 at the moment- lent to me by my friend Stevie. It’s great fun, and has some wonderfully creepy moments- but, as first person shooters go, it is a little repetetive. There’s only so many dark, badly-lit and sinister corridors you can stalk down with a gigantic sidearm before they stop being scary. Makes me remember exactly how varied, funky and genuinely nasty Half-Life was as a game, and makes me very upset that I don’t have a PC powerful enough to play the sequel. I’ve made the jump to Mac, and the lack of certain games is an unpleasent side-effect I’m just going to have to weather.

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