Late night traffic

The air is cool, and the streets outside are glistening. Looks like it might have rained, though I’ve no idea when. Was out at a screening for the evening, and then had a needlessly complicated journey back. Don’t know if it’s better for me to save all my blogging up in one go, or to keep doing it in these small increments. Well, I guess I’ll just have to take it as it comes.

My head is still full of fevery fog. I’m hoping that this clears soon, because it’s no fun- especially as there’s nothing you can do for treatment. I took some painkillers, but just eended up feeling deeply spaced out. It just makes everything feel more intense, and slightly hallucinatory. And the fact that it’s not the kind of thing to go away after a night of discomfort really isn’t much of a relief.

Tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day. By order. I always seem to end up feeling like I’m desperate to do stuff at the points when I’m not physically capable, but I’ve got to try and get through this. I’ve got to knuckle down and try to relax (not an easy thing for me), or next week is just going to be much, much harder.

I did, at least, manage to finish the script that I’ve been working on. Whether or not it’s any good is a different story, but at least it’s done.

Food beckons, and then bed.

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