The Author

Saxon Bullock Polaroid 1Okay – so just who the hell is Saxon Bullock?

To some, he’s a hero. To others, he’s a dastardly villain. And to everyone else, he’s that bloke who keeps getting drunk on red wine and talking nine-to-the-dozen at publishing parties, while generally raising the bar on all-out kookiness and a love of the strange and unusual.

However, if you want actual details, Saxon Bullock was born in Cornwall in 1974, and soon developed a wild imagination and a passionate love of Literature, Science Fiction, Cinema and Comics thanks to his eclectic and film-loving parents (who still argue, somehow that he is in no way their fault). A voracious reader who was writing stories and scripts from an early age, he also experimented with filmmaking throughout his teens, and managed to somehow get away with hi-jacking 50% of his Media Studies A-Level coursework just so he could write, direct and produce a 1-hour, no-budget sci-fi adventure spectacular entitled The Alchemist.

Further writing and filmmaking adventures followed, and after A-Levels came three years of strangeness and occasional late-teen miserabilism while studying at Bournemouth University for a Ba Hons in Media Production. Saxon spent a good deal of time at University getting drunk, spending far too much on comics and writing completely incomprehensible essays about Media Theory, while his first official experience of journalism was here on the Radio Documentary side of the course, researching and producing his own documentaries on a local Cinema projectionist, anarchic pop renegades The KLF, and (quelle surprise) the many facets of the Comic Book industry.

After completing his course with two short films- superhero monologue Return of the Crimson Avenger and surreal existential drama Suicide is Painless, Saxon moved to London in late 1995, determined to conquer the media in all shapes and forms. Soon realising that spending his time delivering packages and making tea wasn’t quite what he’d had in mind, he made a sideways step into bookselling after two years, but also managed to gain interest from several production companies in a TV drama series he had developed entitled Sanity Claws. Then, in the year 2000, a series of bizarre and deeply ulikely twists of fate resulted in him stumbling by accident into film journalism, initially writing for Hotdog magazine, and continuing to work for outlets like Channel4.Com and SFX magazine.

Saxon Bullock Polaroid 2In 2003, he also started to work in the world of publishing, doing freelance Reading Reports on book manuscripts for various editors. After a number of remarkably improbable adventures (including a six-week voyage across America visiting obscure movie locations), he left London in late 2006, and completed his first (as-yet-unpublished) novel – a full-tilt comic-strip space opera entitled The Hypernova Gambit – in late 2007. In the last eight years, he’s also built up extensive experience in film journalism and magazine sub-editing, and has been working as a freelance proofreader since 2008.

He’s been living in Manchester since late 2008, living the life of an International Playboy (at least, one who’s confined to Manchester and reads one hell of a lot of comics), and he’s currently finishing work his second novel, an off-beat contemporary fantasy entitled Chill Out, as well as being in vague danger of having perpetrated a short story.

He also writes the website Schizopolitan. But then, you already knew that…

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