Schizopolitan: An Introduction

(Or: Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, I’m A Man of Wealth and Taste…)

saxon_photostrip1What is Schizopolitan?

Schizopolitan is a state of mind.

No, come on, what actually is Schizopolitan?

Alright, if you won’t play along. Fine! Schizopolitan is a review blog – a journey into the weird, wild and wonderful, disguised as the random mental outpourings of a thirtysomething writer, journalist and SF geek.

And which particular writer, journalist and SF geek would that be?

That would be me – Saxon Bullock, writer, reviewer (most regularly for SFX), and professional freelance proofreader. You can find out everything you could possibly want to know about me (and maybe a few things you’d rather you didn’t know) here at my website,

Saxon Bullock? Is that really your name?

(*glares*) Yes, that really is my name.

So, what’s going to be on Schizopolitan?

There’s going to be a wide variety of material – skewing towards the cult, the unusual and the strange – but for the majority of the time, Schizopolitan is going to be about comics in all shapes and sizes.

Comics? Aren’t there about ten thousand other comics blogs out there?

This is true – there are some brilliant comics blogs that offer humourous, detailed and often astonishingly effective analysis. What I want to do here is talk about the comics that I love, but I also want to try and pitch it all in an accessible way. Comics and Graphic Novels can be intimidating, and it’s often hard to know where to start, so I’d like the comics material on Schizopolitan to be a friendly and welcoming guide for beginners – people who wouldn’t normally read this kind of thing, and might not know about the breadth, variety and sheer quality of material that’s out there, if you know the right places to look.

So, what can we expect?

Comics-wise, there’ll be regular reviews, interspersed with occasional ‘Comics Primer’ entries, where I’ll try and offer a short and accessible guide to different aspects of the complicated world of comics – different genres, different styles, and various writers and artists who’ve had a major effect over the years. saxon_photostrip2There’ll be TV reviews (especially once the new season of Doctor Who hits), alongside Movies, and the occasional Book review. I’ll also occasionally be resurrecting some of my past work – reviving some old articles and interviews, and trawling through my blog Crawling From The Wreckage to polish up some old reviews. And as for brand new articles and interviews… who knows?

How regularly can we expect to see stuff here?

For the launch month, there’ll be weekly posts, and after that, I’m going to be aiming to post stuff at least every fortnight – the life of a freelancer means sometimes I’m swept away into a world of non-stop busy, but there should at least be some new content here every two weeks, and that may go up depending on how much feedback I get.

And is there anything else you’d like to say before everybody stops reading this and starts actually looking at the rest of the site?

Just that I hope you enjoy what you find here – I’d be interested to hear any feedback, and I hope you’re able to come along on what should be a fun and entertaining romp through the weird world of geek culture.

And just remember – Schizopolitan is a state of mind.

It really isn’t, you know.

Oh, shut up!

Saxon Bullock is a trained professional. Do not attempt to answer questions like this in your own home without supervision from parents, guardians, or members of the Household Cavalry.

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