The Further Adventures of a Narrowboater


So: two years ago, my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to move onto a narrowboat. You can read the full explanation of why we’re doing it here, and we’re currently deep into the complicated process of fitting out a new narrowboat ‘sailaway’ shell that we bought in January. We’ve also been documenting our whole narrowboat adventure on YouTube for almost a year now – rather amazingly, our channel Narrowboat Zero Gravity has now got well over 1300 subscribers (which is a heck of a lot more people than I ever expected), and we’ve just uploaded the latest episode of our series ‘The Fit-Out’, in which we talk through our planned layout for the boat:

It’s been a fun (if occasionally tricky) process getting back into video editing – I feel like we’ve gotten better over the last few months at constructing videos. Balancing life, work on the boat, freelance proofreading and video editing isn’t always easy, but it’s been nice relearning some of my filmmaking instincts that I haven’t really used since I left University, and we’re planning on carrying on with these videos for the forseeable future…

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