Shiny and New (The Website Rises Again)

Greetings from the wilds of Nottingham!

There’s been radio silence for a while, but I’ve now finally managed to give my website a thorough overhaul, so it’s time to do a very quick blog and welcome you to the all-new, shinier version of I’ll be posting over the next week to highlight some of the new stuff I’ve put on the site, and I’ll also be talking a little about what I’ve been up to in the long period that this blog has been inactive. The short version: WRITING WORKING NARROWBOAT FINISHING UNIVERSITY AAAAARRRGGGHHHH. The longer version isn’t quite so intense, but a lot has happened over the last year or so.

I am going to try and update this blog a little more frequently now, especially since I’m no longer as active on social media as I once was (and this is something I’ll be talking about soon).  Any posts that happen here will be pretty short  – I don’t have the energy to pull off 4,000 word treatises on analyses of Doctor Who at the drop of a hat like I once had – but hopefully they’ll be enjoyable ones, as well.

Thanks for dropping by. Look after yourselves. And hope to see you again soon.

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