News: The Sci-Fi Chronicles (Or: Blimey, I’m in a proper book…)

The Sci-Fi Chronicles

I’ve been wanting to shout about this for quite a while, but I didn’t want to do anything until there was a proper announcement, or I had any idea about an actual date. The short version: my work is going to be appearing in a book, to be published in September. I got asked around June last year by Guy Haley, writer and editor (who was also responsible for giving me my first writing work on SFX many moons ago) if I’d be interested in being one of a big bunch of writers doing articles for The Sci-Fi Chronicles, a massive book on science fiction that he was putting together. My answer was “Hell, YES”, and I ended up doing 15 articles on a variety of topics, including a timeline for the original Flash Gordon comic strips that almost made my head explode (It turns out, trying to research the entire 70-year history of a daily comic strip is really damn difficult. Who’d have thought it?). Anyway, it was hard work and lots of fun, there’s quite a few pieces there that I’m very proud of, and The Sci-Fi Chronicles has appeared on Amazon, with a release date of 2nd October 2014. In the same format as The Rock Chronicles, it’ll be a big chunky reference work full of pictures and graphical timelines, and I’m looking forward to seeing my articles in print. It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’ll be doing some more shouting about this when we get closer to the release date…


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