Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Testing… testing… one two… one…

Is this thing on?

Right, okay, just a minute…

*fumbles for script*


Come on in. Make yourself comfortable. The air is free. The drinks are expensive…

This is Schizopolitan. A review blog from writer and journalist Saxon Bullock.

Be advised: Schizopolitan is not to be used while operating heavy machinery, and can cause random acts of yodelling during pregnancy.

For more information on Schizopolitan, have a look at the introduction page, and feel free to explore what’s here on launch day. There are four reviews for you today, and there’ll be plenty more content soon, so I hope you’ll stick around for what should be an entertaining ride.

If you’ve got any queries or comments, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, enjoy the site, and thanks for reading!

*exits left, pursued by bear*

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