Pieces Form The Whole


Where was I?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. To be honest, this is more of an experiment than anything else. I have the feeling I may have lost a certain amount of the blogging urge. I’ve yet to work out whether or not this is a good thing. I’ve been feeling that I really should only blog if I’ve got something to say – so much blogging that I read nowadays (or at least the ones that don’t stick in my memory) are empty air, just filling space. So I’ve yet to decide whether this is a brief abberation, or whether I’m getting back on the horse.

Part of it is possibly the fact that I’ve never really generated the kind of blog that’s created much reaction. It’s always been nice when I get comments and replies on anything I’ve posted – I genuinely appreciate all of them. It just leads me to the weird conflict that’s always going on in my brain – part of me wants to be noticed. Part of me wants attention. The other part knows where that kind of thing can lead, especially on the internet. There’s been a few subjects, relating to publishing and writing, which I’ve wanted to comment on over the last couple of months. But I haven’t, and it’s mainly because I’m rather nervous about poking my head over the parapet and getting it shot off. So I’ve been keeping quiet. And maybe that’s been a mistake.

One thing is true: I have a Tumblr blog here: http://saxonbullock.tumblr.com/. It’s an offshoot of this blog, and it’ll be somewhere I’ll be able to post images, video and music a lot more easily than I can here. Please feel free to follow or bookmark me over there, as there should be a relatively frequent number of updates.

I’m proceeding well with the book. I’m busy with work, and my new relationship is now nearly four months old, and going very nicely. Life is good. And there’s a couple of plans relating to this blog that may be happening soon. But until then, we’ll just see what happens…

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