Prelude to Eastercon

How best to sum up the last week of work? Well, you know those films where the hero fights through a whole army of soldiers in spectacular fashion, bests them all, and is then on the verge of victory against the evil villain (although also rather battered and tired by all this), when the evil villain turns and says “Ah, yes- but you have yet to face Umkala!” and reveals the seven-foot-high man-mountain just waiting to kick the hero’s arse? It’s felt a little like that – only in this case, the seven-foot-high man-mountain is my proofreading course. I was hoping to get it finished this week… but this thing is massively, gigantically, brain-achingly hard. And it’s the kind of hard you can’t rush – so instead, I’m giving myself a break of a week and going back to it next Wednesday.

And the reason why a week’s break is a good idea is that the next four days are going to be exclusively taken up by my third trip to Eastercon. It’s become a fixture in my schedule so quickly, I’m just wondering what the hell took me so long – I guess there’s always a little nervousness at this point thanks to my innate insecurity, a little worry that maybe this’ll be the year when it ALL GOES WRONG, but I’m sure that will evaporate the minute I arrive, check in, and start doing some epic mingling in the bar. It’s my first Eastercon where I’m not actually on a panel, but I’m still going to have as much fun as I possibly can. Updates will, understandably, be rather few, but I will hopefully be keeping my Twitter feed pretty active, and I’ll be back on here early next week with, no doubt, a round-up of my adventures, as well as plenty of thoughts on the start of the new season of Who.

In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…

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