Kick Me With Your Disco Boots (and other imaginary titles…)

Okay, okay, so what’s the story? I mean, after all, I’m hardly blogging at the moment so there must be some reason for sitting down at my computer and engaging in bloggery – but, to be honest, there’s about fifty different reasons for blogging right now. My brain is something of an unpredictable place at the moment, mainly thanks to the fact that I’m coming to the end of a run of work that’s been pretty bloody long. One job has bled into another, and there’s been tons of reviewing to do, and I’ve somehow managed to do work on the novel at the same time. My life has been very close to being 100% unadulterated work, which means that time enters that strange place where I spend most of my day doing exactly the same thing, and weeks seem to flash past in an incredibly short amount of time.

My life isn’t going to get any quieter soon – I’ve got three more days of proofing ahead, and then I’ve got to complete an assignment on my proofreading course that’ll probably get close to causing my brain to explode. It’s got to be done by the end of Thursday, because I’m away to the glorious madness of Eastercon that weekend, and I’ve got the final unit of the course to finish by the beginning of May. And April isn’t exactly going to be a quiet month, what with the 2 London trips, London Book Fair, and the Arthur C. Clarke Awards. The word ‘blur’ doesn’t even cover it.

And of course, the most frustrating thing is that I could really do with a chance to just sit down with the book and do a massive amount of work on it. I’m at about 120,000 words – although some of the most recent stuff I’ve written needs to be cut right away – I’ve fallen victim to writing a scene, realising it doesn’t work, and then coming up with a far, far superior version (Essentially, what was going to be a pretty cliched exposition-heavy scene where one of the villains explains what’s going on to the main characters has morphed in my head into something much more interesting and a hell of a lot weirder). I have a plan, though – I need to get to the end of the draft, then immediately go back and essentially rewrite the thing from top to bottom before I can actually show it to anyone. Once that’s done, I’ll be moving onto my rewrite of The Hypernova Gambit. And then, I’ll be starting work on the start of a sci-fi adventure trilogy that’s technically a spin-off from The Hypernova Gambit, but which does stand alone. I’ve got enough to keep me occupied. I just need more time…

Right. There will be more. Just not right now.

However, there’s enough time for this blog entry, with novelist Catherynne M. Valente talking about vampires and summing up everything I didn’t like about ‘Being Human’ in a far more succinct and interesting way:

‘My Commitment to Sparkle Motion’

Right. I’m off to find out if I’m going to have yet another in the series of Doctor Who-related dreams I’ve been having. I think I’ve actually managed to dream three separate versions of Matt Smith’s first episode, all of which ranked as ‘deeply confusing’. And while my TV-related blogging is basically zero right now, I think I can safely say that the needle will be swinging back towards the higher end of the scale in the next few weeks. I’m certainly liking what I’ve seen so far, and it’s going to be an interesting ride…

Okay. Must go collapse. Don’t do anything bad while I’m gone.

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