That Was The Year That Was (Or: Thoughts on 2009)

I’m now warm in bed, after a marvellous New Year’s Eve spent hanging out with my friend Tris (and doing a series of fabulously psychedelic photographs involving the light-painting process – we’d have done more, except for the fact that it was pretty damn cold).The last week has been very relaxing and extremely nice – I’ve gotten work done on the book, but I’ve also done some genuine relaxation, and it’s been good to feel like I’m shutting myself away from the world for a while. Overall, I’m feeling better than I have done in a while, and relatively hopeful for the future. Which is certainly a turn up for the books…

2009 hasn’t been an entirely easy year – it’s the first full year that I’ve spent on my own since my separation from George, it’s had at least a couple of moments I’d rather forget, it’s seen the lengthy saga of the Editor Who Shall Remain Nameless and my book rewrite finally end in a rejection, and it hasn’t resulted in anything that’s caused a major, game-raising positive change in my life. What it has done is prove that I made the right move in 2008 (in a number of ways) – it’s been a year where I’ve made new friends; – partly through my local comic shop (the wonderful Manchester branch of Travelling Man), and partly through conventions (especially this year’s Eastercon). I’ve had plenty of adventures. I have dressed as a Steampunk. I’ve partied when I’ve had the chance. I’ve read lots of good books (and quite a few bloody awful ones as well). I’ve shown that I can make this new phase of my life work, both from a business and from a life perspective.

And, most of all, 2009 has proved conclusively that I damn well want to be a writer, and that I’m not going to give up just because a project I poured an awful lot of effort into has been turned down. I’m going to keep going at this – I’ve got a new project, that’s just as (if not more) promising than The Hypernova Gambit, and I’m going to finish it. And then, we’ll see what happens.

My goals for 2010? Finishing my new book. Finishing the proofreading course I’m currently doing. Making a damn good start on the next book. Trying to increase the amount of proofreading I’m doing. And maybe – just maybe – being able to have a good idea of when I might be able to move into a place of my own by the end of the year. Stranger things have happenned…

Anyhow, above everything else, I’m going to do my best to make 2010 a good year, to look to the future and not let the fact that some bad things have happened in mhy past prevent me from having a truly excellent time.

I’m determined to have a good one. And I hope you do too.

Happy New Year!

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