On the Road

The briefest of brief updates…

I’m actually doing okay in the wake of the Book being turned down. I have a plan, and I’m going to follow it whatever happens.

I’ve been spectacularly busy.

I looked at my bank balance recently, and it actually made me feel good. Things are still tight, but actual progress may be being made.

I’ve seen a lot of good television. And some bad as well.

I’m also rewatching Lost, something I’ll be talking about at length at some point. Short version? S1 is still great, although it’s a major culture shock going back to the gently paced character/adventure show after the plot-heavy madness of S5. And you can almost feel the problems hit in S2 as early as episode 4.

I’m off to London for the next three days, for much socialisation and adventure. Hope it’s going to be fun…

And – to wrap things up – something that made me smile. A lot.

See you soon….

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