Remote Viewing

I’m back from Cornwall. Well, officially I’ve been back since Wednesday, but this is the first point where I’ve actually felt like I’m properly sorted – I’ve spent a big chunk of the last couple of days sorting out my room, tidying, doing the shopping, and preparing for what promises to be a pretty damn busy September. I’ve got a reasonable amount of work to do this week – and then I’ve got some proofreading arriving at the end of this week. I’ve got just under three weeks to do it – and I’ve also got the Asylum Steampunk weekender at Lincoln one weekend, and Fantasycon in Nottingham the next weekend. And then, just after the proofreading is finished, I’ve got a lightning-fast trip to London for the Gollancz Autumn party on the 24th of September. And then, possibly, I will collapse in a corner and not move for a while. But not until then…

I’ve also got writing to do. I’m not going to let the fact that I’m going to be busy derail me. There’s lots to do, and not too much time to do it…

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