Tron: Legacy

Just for some additional eye-candy, here’s some footage that was originally shown last year at Comic-Con, I suspect simply to cause a splash and gauge reaction. No surprises, reaction was pretty massive, with the end result being that a sequel to Tron, of all things, is happening – Tron: Legacy is currently being shot, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2010. Jeff Bridges is appearing, which is at least a relatively promising sign, and the concept footage for Tron: Legacy has now been released in official, spangly Quicktime rather than the rough camcorder captures that were available on Youtube. It’s gorgeous stuff (watch it in the highest resolution you can muster) – and my only real issue is that it does seem to make things in the ‘game world’ a little bit too real, missing out on some of the cool abstractness that’s made the bizarre style of Tron so groovy over the years. However, it’s certainly enough to get me very intrigued as to what the final result is – it’ll be eye candy, but (especially in 3-D) it could be very, very cool eye candy…

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