Mona Lisa Overdrive

It’s been a pretty quiet week – one of those times when you just get on with an epic amount of work, and then blink when you realise exactly how much time has passed. One thing has occurred to me, and that is that from next week onwards, I really need to get myself back in a writing groove. I’m missing it at the moment – I’ve been giving myself a break, partly due to work, and partly due to waiting for feedback on the rewritten version of The Hypernova Gambit. But the break is going to be ending next week, as it’s time to get myself moving once again. In the meantime, this morning I’m departing for three-and-a-bit days to London, for the Clarke Awards and to catch up with various people. It’s going to be slightly odd to be back in something resembling a touristy mood in London – I don’t have anything specifically work-related happening other than the Clarke Awards – so I’m going to be doing my best to have fun. Then I’m back late Thursday, to a weekend of finishing proofreading and worryingly practical stuff like sorting out financial paperwork and taxes. Still, it’s got to be done. But for the next three days I’m likely to be somewhat quiet online – so don’t get up to anything too dramatic without me…

P.S.: A couple of links came my way over the last week. You can catch up with the posted photos of the Eastercon Rock Band experience here. And you can read the rather unexpected blog post that Tim Clague, a filmmaker and friend from my University days, has written about me (something of a surprise, I can tell you…) here.

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