The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me

A week that’s blurred past in a flash – I’m working incredibly hard at the moment, so I must be getting something right. There’s also been some incredibly nice after-echoes of Eastercon, with various people saying hello and keeping in contact via Twitter and Facebook. Being of a somewhat pessimistic disposition, I’m always of the opinion (or fear) that anyone I initially speak to or befriend will find a fantastic excuse for not keeping in touch (and after all, Facebook has virtually re-invented the idea of ‘friendship’ as basically clicking a button, sending a message of “Hello” to someone you haven’t spoken to in years and then never speaking again) – I seem to live in constant anticipation of the glassy stare followed by the polite backing away and repeated refrains of “Yes, anyway….” But this week has been a nice surprise on that front, and has livened up what would otherwise have been a very lonely few days in my garret. For the last few days, I’ve been finishing off a set of proofreading – it’s been a head-exploding blizzard of work, and it still isn’t done. I’ve got one more day tomorrow, and then it’ll be finished. And then I’ve got a manuscript report to do. And then there’s some more proofreading. And another manuscript report. And I’m off to London next week for four days, for various adventures including the Arthur C. Clarke Awards. As I said, I’ve really got to be doing something right, as I regularly seem to be redefining how much work I can get done. But it has been a good week – and while there may be a couple of shadows on the horizon which could give me a good reason to get worked up, I’m not going to let them. Excuse me now, I must go and collapse artfully in a corner…

5 thoughts on “The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me

    • Will be great to see you, ma’am.
      Thanks for the offer on the reviewing, but will have to politely decline. I’m terribly busy right now, so I wouldn’t be able to fit them in – and given the skyscraper-like towers of books that keep getting larger and swaying alarmingly around me, I don’t think even more free books would be a wise idea!


  1. I will be around for the Clarkes and for the film festival afterwards – if you’re around at the tail end of next week it would be nice to catch up somewhere slightly less crowded than the Clarke reception.


    • Would indeed be great to catch up – I’m heading back to Manchester on Thursday (wish I could stay longer, but it’s the demands of work, sadly…) but I’m not leaving until relatively late in the evening. So, if you wanted to meet up for a drink sometime during the day, that should definitely be workable. Let me know!


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