Meme Attack

Okay- I’ve just had a rather fun evening doing the latest Facebook meme, which requires access to Photoshop, or a similar image-editing software. Basically, through a completely random process (via Wikipedia and other sites) you assemble a fake record cover for a non-existant album (using a random band name, a random quote for a title, and a random image) and considering my history of doing over-enthusiastically designed CD mixdiscs and compilations, this is something I’ve taken to rather enthusiastically. I’m sure I’ll be doing more soon, but I’ve done nine so far – and although it isn’t in the rules of the meme, I’ve also created little biographies for each of the fictional bands. It’s all turned out rather fun, so if you’d like to find out about Asian Lesbian Network’s acclaimed fourth album, or Christian Japanese rock band Hotaru, or french Electro-pop duo Bonk, then click here…

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