The kind of girl you read about in New Wave magazines…

Time for a brief update – with the small proviso that I’m very, very tired right now. It’s been another one of those weeks when lots of reviews come in at the same time, and I end up breathing a sigh of relief that I’m not trying to fit a day job around these antics. Work is always good, and this week has been an enjoyable one, with plenty to do. I’ve also had… well, I’ve had some news that means I have a new project. And I can’t say what it is. Or what it’s for. All I will say is that it’s going to be occupying me for at least the next month, and it’s going to be a massive amount of work. And it might be good news. But then again, it might not. Either way, if I don’t update much over the next few weeks, that’ll be the reason why.

I’ve also been writing like crazy, although that might be reducing slightly thanks to the Uber-Ultra-Secret Project. I don’t want to lose my 750-a-day quota (although the aforementioned project will be helping), and I’m getting the feeling that it might be wise to give myself a day off fairly soon. An actual, not-doing-anything day off. Only problem is, there’s an awful lot to do on the U.U.S.P., and it’s becoming a bit of a compulsion. However, I may have to be strict with myself, as energy is going to be vital at various points over the next few weeks. Plus, I’ve got proofreading happening in a week’s time. Plenty to do. And not much time to do it.

One advantage of being busy? I barely noticed that this was the first Valentine’s Day in a very long time that I’ve spent single. There’ll be a few landmarks like this that will hit me like a ton of bricks, I’m sure – but this one didn’t even dent me. I think that’s what we’ll be calling ‘progress’ – at least, for this week…

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