Monday Morning (Here Again…)

I’m about to speed off into town again (this time to purchase a roasting tin), and I’m also attempting to get my head together. My brain is still in something of a fog after the absurd exertions of last week – while I’d love to be all action, all writing, all the time, there are simply points where my brain just waves the white flag and I have to go with it. I am, at least, being able to catch up with lots of the television I’ve missed (both British and American), and there are a couple of major missions I’ve set myself that I’m chipping away at over the next couple of weeks. On top of this, I will hopefully be doing another TV Eye update on the stuff I have seen – particularly the conceptual car-crash that is Season 3 of Heroes. I’m not certain exactly how Christmassy I am feeling right now – but then, it’s an odd and unusual time for me. I’m just going to have to wander into this new world, and see where it takes me…

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