Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend…

So, I have a new computer. It’s essentially a beefed-up version of my old computer, a shiny new Mac Mini with the maximum memory and hard disc it would take, and it’s certainly making life a lot easier. Things are running quicker, and the Internet is now actually possible to use – before, I was stuck with a not-tremendously-quick USB dongle, and it didn’t exactly make life easy. There are now a whole lot of possibilities available, and it’s nice just being able to do things like watch BBC iPlayer in full screen without the whole thing giving off steam. I’ve also managed to consolidate my entire music collection together, with the worrying discovery that I’ve got 49 GB of audio content on my computer, equalling nearly 37 days of solid listening.

I’ve also been down with a brief touch of illness, and have now got another one of those weeks when I’ve got to be very, very careful to make sure that everything happens on schedule. Work, Christmas and various other things all have to happen, and I’m going to make sure they do. There’s just an awful lot of other stuff I’d like to be doing in the meantime. Anyhow, it’ll all work out in the end…

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