The Hypernova Gambit – The Opening…

Okay, there comes a time when you’ve got to just put yourself out there and see what happens. There’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages on the site, and after talking it over with my agent, I’ve gone and done it. The prologue and opening chapter of The Hypernova Gambit are now online, – and if you’ve been following the long-running saga of my book, this is your chance to find out what I’ve been talking about all this time (For extra info, the blurb can be found here). Hope you enjoy it…

5 thoughts on “The Hypernova Gambit – The Opening…

  1. Hyper nova gambit
    Reads great/ Cannot wait / get your agent peddling round or whatever your paying them to do.
    And add me as friend on your facebook, so i can be your first official fanboy!!!


  2. Hey, Saxon! I printed these chapters out when you posted them and have just now managed to read them. I have to say I really enjoyed it and am left wondering what’s going to happen next which is surely a good sign. Any further news on… well… getting it out there? :o)


    • Thanks very much! Definitely glad you enjoyed it, and, to be honest, lovely to know it’s actually been read! No news as yet – the last rejections I got were in November, and I’m still waiting on a number of publishers. It is a very, very long road, worst luck, but I am doing my best to remain positive!


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