Swings and Roundabouts

Proof that life has an annoying habit of delivering another knock at exactly the wrong moment, I got two book rejections in one go this morning. Both were from US publishers, and neither fell into the category of “Oh well, at least they seemed to enjoy it…” – one thought it was fun, but didn’t think it was their thing and found it easy to put down, while the other seemed to really like the prologue, and from then onwards found it confusing and didn’t like any of the characters. Being already tired, bleary and sliding back down the slope towards depression again, it wasn’t like I was in fine fettle this morning, and this just sucked all my enthusiasm for the day out of my system. I know I’ll get through this, but currently all I want to do is curl up into a corner and spend most of my time crying. Practical work is helping a little – I’ve had a review to work on this afternoon, I’ve still got the website to finish, I’ve got another reading report to do, and I’ve got some proofreading starting next week… but everything outside the window is grey, and trying to believe that this is going to work out okay in the end is getting a little difficult.

2 thoughts on “Swings and Roundabouts

    • Thanks. I am finally feeling a little better about things- although John is currently chasing up a Publisher Who Shall Remain Nameless, so I have the worrying possibility of making it a rejection hat-trick this week…


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