In which NanoWriMo singularly fails to eat my life…

Work always ends up getting in the way. It’s one of those things you can’t help. My burst of 5,000 words in a day on Monday ended up with me shaky on Tuesday, and while Wednesday was much better (3,000 words) and Friday almost as good, a blizzard of work has gotten in the way. Thursday was supposed to be the day for a job interview – a Christmas Temp job that will, if succesful, be taking up my weekends, and a few potential extra days here and there between now and Christmas. Unfortunately, thanks to a logistic shift, it got moved from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning – and of course, life being what it is, I’ve got a stack of work that urgently needs to be finished by Monday morning.

My NanoWriMo total is, right now, 10678 words. I won’t be able to do any more writing until at least Tuesday, but I am continuing to have some useful thoughts about the book. Particularly, I’ve rescinded one particular plot device I was going to employ, which means I’ve now got an energetic and strong female antagonist with which to endanger my main character for most of the book – hurrah!

I’m also currently engaged in updating my website, and carrying out various other details. Certain aspects of this life are almost – almost – starting to feel normal. Anna and I are certainly getting on well, and I am at least doing okay in making ends meet (as long as one particular delayed invoice does eventually get paid). I can’t pretend there aren’t moments where I feel horribly lonely, and where I miss George more than I can say… but I have to get through them. And, in certain ways, it’s that entire period of my life that I miss, and the fact that any potential for it to continue or to improve is gone. But it’s better that we did this than try to stay together and end up hurting both of us. I want her to be happy, and no matter how hard it may be for me right now, I want myself to be happy too. It’s going to be a long road, but I’m hopeful that eventually, I’m going to get there.

2 thoughts on “In which NanoWriMo singularly fails to eat my life…

  1. You’re definitely a ‘burst writer’, aren’t you? I suspect you have to be, what with the freelance lifestyle. Keep bursting, then.
    Did you want to be copied in on my little NaNo group’s emails on our progress? I don’t expect they’ll mind another writer on the list (though I will have to ask) and I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone’s (and their characters’) shenanigans, though recently it’s all been sex and demons. Sex and demons, I tell you.


    • Do copy me in, please. To be honest, the stuff I’m writing has generally been random bits – I’m going to try and set aside a day for actual structure work, where I’m going to come up with a rough flow-diagram for the whole book, and how each of the chapters will fit together (giving myself room for diversions, obviously). I don’t know if I’ll make it to the 50,000 total, but I am going to give it a damn good go.


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