No Sleep Till Ikea

An odd day today, caused by an enforced watch of the decidedly below-par Christmas movie Fred Claus (watched for a review) – and when a pretty poor film manages to push your emotional buttons, it’s certainly a sign that not all is absolutely fine. I was watching it for a review (certainly, there was little pleasure involved), and the review is done, so most things are now relatively fine and dandy. This afternoon was a trip to Ikea to help Anna pick out a new wardrobe for my room – we eventually backed off getting a towering 2001-style monolith of a wardrobe, but the new one (which shall be ordered online in the next 24 hours) is still pretty damn big, and should help lots with my storage situation in the room. I’ve also reached some firm conclusions about Christmas, and am feeling somewhat better about the situation as a result – I know the kind of Christmas I want, and I’m going to go ahead and make it happen. Ikea was an odd experience, packed full of some frighteningly useful furniture at scarily low prices, and we returned for a meal, an episode of Jeeves and Wooster and a further Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes (expect a HolmesWatch update soon).

NanoWrimo News: 1,066 words so far, almost all of them uniformly ‘orrible. I am, however, aiming to buckle down to at least a handful of serious writing days from Tuesday on, so I’ll see if I can’t kick myself into gear then…

One thought on “No Sleep Till Ikea

  1. I too get annoyed when crap films mess with my emotions. Must be some consolation that you’re being paid for the experience though.
    Glad you’ve got going on NaNoWriMo. Remember they don’t have to be good words, there just need to be a lot of them.


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