T-Minus 13 Days

I haven’t quite got the details sorted yet – but whatever happens, I will be in Manchester in two weeks time. The weekend was spent in lots of travelling and visiting (my friend Paul in Bournemouth, and my sister in Devon), and now I’m back, and suddenly this is all feeling much harder than before. Three days of subbing at IPC is helping keep me occupied, as will various other activities planned over the next week or so, but right now this is feeling somewhere between the most sensible thing I can possibly do in the circumstances (something which will, eventually, be better and healthier for me), and like I’m voluntarily cutting my own leg off without anasthetic – and then wondering exactly how the hell I’m going to be able to walk afterwards. I know I’ll be able to – it’s just that doubt and dark thoughts are worryingly frequent companions right now.

I am, at least, enjoying the hell out of Season 1 of The Wire, and realising I’m really going to have to start collecting the rest of the show. I’m also enjoying Charlie Jade, I’ve got lots of stuff lined up after that (including some classic Who), and whatever happens, I am going to get through to a point where I can smile again (even if it takes me a little while)…

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