Quis custodiet ipsos custodes…

I’m almost caught up with everything I’ve missed- but one thing that’s definitely stuck out is the first trailer for Watchmen hitting the web.. Verdict? Well, it’s gorgeous to look at and full of Zach Snyder’s signature 300-style “We are going to tell you this scene is important by putting it in graceful slow motion” directorial approach – it’s both closer to the comic than I expected, and broader in its visuals, with much richer, weirder colours. There’s also a couple of moments that tap into the kind of pure pulp imagery that fills my inner fanboy with glee – but then, there’s also the fact that they’ve chosen a slightly bleary Smashing Pumpkins track as the backing, and the fact that it’s the kind of trailer that shows you plenty without giving you any clue as to what the film’s like. Shots like Dr. Manhattan’s glass retreat emerging from the Martian soil are genuinely gorgeous, and it’s interesting to see they’ve managed to make Doc Manhattan look unearthly but still be a naked blue man (and no hints as to exactly how they’re going to get around the original’s frequent full-frontal male nudity) – I’m still not convinced that it’s necessarily going to make a good movie. Snyder just about got away with the bombastic visuals disguising everything else in the action porn that was 300 – but whether we get an actual film, or just a digest version of the best bits of Watchmen remains to be seen. One way or another, we’ll find out next March…

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