For Sleepyheads Only

Arrived in Edinburgh- and it’s strange to be here without the mania of the Fringe Festival going on. It’s almost as if the city is half dressed, and there’s a certain feeling of energy that’s lacking. Speaking of lacking energy, I’ve also briefly encountered the problems of staying in a hostel when someone in my eight-bed dorm on the first night turned out to be an epic snorer. And, of course, he had to be on the bunk directly above me. And, to make life even weirder, he turned out to be a journalist I know who’s also covering the Festival- but thankfully, last night turned out to be a whole lot easier. Yesterday, though, was a bit of a wash-out thanks to being so ridiculously tired, but I still managed two films- MARRIED LIFE (a stylish noir-esque drama, well acted but a little too on-the-nose) and ELEGY (Brilliantly acted, gorgeously made, but very dour and a little hard going at times).

This morning, I’ve got the first of three interviews I’m doing at the festival (one of which, ironically, is happening next Friday as a phone interview because I’ll be back home by then…), and I’ve got to try and factor in sorting the interview (and the one on Sunday) as well as seeing as much as is possible. I’ve said it before- Film Festivals aren’t completely designed for human beings, but I’m here, I’m busy, and I’m going to get through it somehow.

The adventures continue…

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