Young Hearts Run Free

After an exceptionally difficult couple of weeks – not helped by a large chunk of work abruptly being rescheduled – there’s a glimmer of light. I’m in the run-up to the Edinburgh Film Festival, and thanks to a collection of interviews, it’s actually become something that’s already paid for itself twice over before I’ve even gone and seen any movies there. There’s also been an increase in the amount of work I’ve got to do, and a couple of lucky breaks, while I’ve also learned something important about myself over the last couple of weeks. Structure is something I need in my life if I’m not going to end up running around like a headless chicken in panic mode, so I’m gradually working on a couple of plans which will hopefully keep me on track, even if they take a little while. Sometimes, having a little bit of understanding about the way your head works is a very important and useful thing.

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