Schedule Schmedule

You know when you’re looking forward to something, and it acts as a kind of beacon? You may be having a somewhat crappy (or downhearted) time, but you think to yourself “Well, not long until…” I’m an easily pleased sort – and I was looking forward to finding out what the S4 finale of Lost had in store, especially as it’s a double-sized edition. Plus, I was looking forward to the eighth and final episode of the current chunk of Battlestar Galactica. Turns out that, for reasons completely unknown, they’re airing next week rather than this week. There’s a gap in the schedule for apparently no reason whatsoever, and it’s been officially compounded by having to wait an extra week to see the opener of Steven Moffat’s new Who two-parter.

I am officially vexxed.

In better news, I managed 4,000 words of new (if not particularly brilliant) fiction. It has, however, left my brain feeling somewhat fudge-like. Things will turn around – it just might take a little while to start happening…

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