Black Tambourine

A rather action packed weekend – a family visit to Devon and Cornwall which, for the first time, had to be compressed into a weekend thanks to time restrictions. Everything went fine, thankfully, a good time was had by all, and we even managed some decent weather after a somewhat shaky start. We drove back last night – and while five hours of solid driving is always going to be an unwelcome proposition, it all went well, and it was a relief to do it at a point when the traffic was pretty light. I’m now at the cusp of another week, with a book to read and review by Thursday, and a screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see tomorrow (which I was undecided on – but the initial reviews seem to suggest it’s at least up to the standards of Last Crusade, which makes me feel better…), plus more work to do on the follow-up to The Hypernova Gambit. I got another turn-down from a publisher last week – the waiting is a little difficult at times, what with the mollases-speed that publishing tends to go at, and it’s sometimes hard to keep the faith and enthusiasm going when it seems to take a very long time for something to happen (and so far when it has happenned, it’s been people saying they don’t like it…). I’m not going to give up, though- and I’ve got a whole selection of really, really odd ideas for the later books – I just want the opportunity to actually do them…

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