Lets take a ride, run with the dogs tonight, in Suburbia…

Sunday morning. Just the right time for a hangover.

The con’s going very well so far- I just have to consider whether the red wine strategy last night was really that wise, especially when I know how dehydrated it leaves me (and how utterly non-fantastic I end up feeling when I’m dehydrated). Anyhow, my two panels yesterday (Adapting Tolkien for Film, and What Books do and don’t make Good Films) went very well- the second one was a little more fun than the first, and I was generally left wishing I’d actually ended up on more. After a certain amount of fretting, it turns out that speaking in front of groups like this really isn’t too much of a problem. The day progressed with plenty of time in the Dealer’s Room (nabbing me various books,including some Asimov and a J.G. Ballard collection) and a major chat with Dave Bradley from SFX, all of which led up to the BSFA awards (which was won by Ian McDonald’s BRASYL). I then spent the rest of the night in the bar drunkenly chatting with people like Simon Kavanagh, Paul Cornell and China Mieville, before proceeding to dance my ass off in the disco (although I drew the line at dancing to Bon Jovi. I have some standards…) Not much sleep thanks to the dehydration- I might try and get a doze later, or just save it up for tonight. I’m aiming to go to more panels today, and also make certain that I’m still having fun.


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