Adventures at Eastercon

Okay- these are the panels I’ll be appearing on at Orbital during the Easter weekend. I was hoping to be on the BSFA awards post-discussion, but I’ve had to back out simply because there was no way in hell I was going to be able to read all of the shortlisted novels and short stories in the time available. Anyway, here’s my three spots:

Friday 21st March –
11am – Russell T. Davies – Best of British, or Fanboy Let Loose?

Saturday 22nd March-
11am – Adapting Tolkien from Book to Film
1pm – What books do or don’t make good movies?

Timing being what it is, two of the most interesting panels- the China Mieville interview and the ‘Fantastic London’ discussion with people like Neil Gaiman and Geoff Ryman- are clashing with my Saturday panels. Grrr… Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to string two words together. At the least, it’s going to be a learning experience…

4 thoughts on “Adventures at Eastercon

  1. Not that I’m one to turn down a fiver, but
    (a) it’s a discussion about RTD. He’s not actually going to be there
    and (b) I’m actually on the panel (think Question Time with less politics and stranger T-shirts), so it might look a bit weird if I started heckling. Call me crazy, but…
    Should be fun, though.
    Apologies for not being in touch- things have been a trifle mental recently. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for the best wishes about the agent news! (My head is still spinning just a bit…)


    • I did think that about 30 seconds after replying…
      Ah well, I’ll still be impressed if you manage to build in the phrases “fanwanker” and “Moffat’s Ghost”…
      You must be quite nervous about it but bloody good luck! As for not being in touch – hey, I know you authors, too big to mix it with us common folk now.
      It’s quite strange, I re-deiscovered my old APS camera last month and had a few images left on the film. So, we used it up and had it processed last week – they came back last night. The pictures stretched back to 4th October 2003.
      There in the middle of the batch was a single wide angle picture of yourself and Lady George when you popped round.
      and by goodness, you were certainly looking decidedly shaggy…
      Hope you’re both well! Speak soon.


      • I know that feeling with photos. Searching through the random carrier bags that masquerade as my photo collection (I really need about three weeks solid with a series of photo albums), I unearthed a selection of old photos- including one of you in my old bedroom in what must have been about April 1997, sporting the sharpest pair of sideburns I’ve seen in a while.
        When I get the chance, I’m going to try and dig out all our photo sessions and get them on Facebook.
        By the way- I would definitely like to do another photo shoot, as I really need to give the website a bit of an overhaul (if only to introduce people to the fact that the ‘shaggy’ look really isn’t going anywhere…). We are definitely coming down to Cornwall at some point- but let me know how things are at your end (so to speak), as I’m fully prepared to navigate around your schedule if it means we can get a decent shoot done. Feel free to scout locations and come up with stylised/crazy/eccentric ideas for pictures. There will be multiple costume changes. There may even be props. Be afraid…


      • Heh – I REALLY look forward to those pics on Facebook. No, I really do.
        Am very definitely up for a shoot (of photos) – let me know when you’re thinking of winging your way down here. April’s a bit silly for me but after that – not too bad. We’ll have to do a weekend of it or something.
        Locations will be scouted – don’t you worry…
        As for sideburns? It was just a phase. Honest. Like the goatee is supposed to give my chin definition while I’m overweight.
        All of them.


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