Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We wanted snow. And boy, have we gotten snow.

Arrived in Canada safe and sound- last time I did this journey, I got briefly stranded in Newark Airport thanks to a late connection, and then my aunt and I missed each other at the airport, but there were no such errors this time. Flight was smooth and nice- and even (shockingly) had a decent selection of films, with 3:10 TO YUMA and GONE BABY GONE as my choices, both of which were extremely good (even if I was desperately in need of something happy after GONE BABY GONE…). We’re now at my Aunt’s house (about an hour and a half from Toronto) in a world that’s been heavily doused in white, there’s a light sprinkling of snow falling outside, and I’m attempting to remind my body that it really is 9.04 am and not 2.04 pm. We’ve got lots of fun stuff lined up, and just the chance to get away from everything and decompress for a while is seriously welcome.

Time for breakfast. Yum!

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