Fact x Importance = News

The ultra-secret news didn’t actually have to be secret for very long, as it turned out.

I’ve got an agent. And it’s all happenned rather quickly.

From the press release that’s just been sent out:

The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is journalist Saxon Bullock.

Saxon Bullock has been working as a freelance writer since 2000, and has written for a variety of magazines and websites including SFX, DVD Review, Channel4.Com and Hotdog magazine.

He has just completed his first novel – an epic science fiction tour-de-force entitled THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT.

‘Once in a while I see a novel that grabs me from the first page,’ said John Jarrold. ‘That was the case here, as it was when I read Ken MacLeod’s debut, THE STAR FRACTION, when I worked with Random House in the mid-90s. I knew within the first six pages that I wanted to publish Ken, and I was equally certain within six pages of starting Saxon’s novel that I wanted to represent him. I got that pricking of my thumbs that every editor and agent loves, and sees all too seldom! THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT is a novel for which the phrase “wide-screen SF” might have been invented. Its characters, colour, pace and plotlines are truly wonderful, and Saxon’s prose sparkles with invention and wit. This is really special, and stands with any of the SF authors who have risen to the top of the genre in the last ten years.’

At some point, this is actually going to feel real- but right now, all my mind seems to be able to manage is ‘wibble’…

13 thoughts on “Fact x Importance = News

  1. Well done
    Fabulous news, I’m absolutely thrilled to bits for you matey.
    Fingers crossed it’s an omen for a furious bidding war of epic proportions for the publishing rights, then the subsequent (widescreen) movie deal.
    Stu 😉


  2. Yipes…
    I knew the Hypernova Gambit would be the start of something big. I just knew it.
    You deserve it Sax, I absolutely knew you’d do it! Bloody well done!
    You’ll soon be at a stage when you’ll be reviewing your own work!
    Let me know when you need an official photographer.


  3. Big Up The Sax
    Hey Sax. Jamie Harris from Uni here. Just wanted to say well done on the agent news again (I left a note on your Facebook wall)! I do a bit of writing too but never have to cojones to finish anything. Don’t suppose you’re free on Friday? A few of us are meeting in Putney at the Bricklayers Arms for a beer festival they’ve got on. Anyway, looking forward to some publishing news from the pen of the Sax!…


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