The Vitally Important and Not At All Delayed Christmas Update

Getting ill a week before Christmas isn’t advised, especially when you’ve still got a whole selection of things to do. Thanks to my in-laws being a pretty gigantic family, my Christmases have transformed from a quiet, reflective time to something resembling a military operation, but while the preperation is pretty major, the end results were more than worth it. Our first Christmas spent properly at home, and everything went smoothly. I received a whole selection of things, but the nicest part of the process was seeing George opening the presents I’d gotten her, and breathing a small sigh of relief as I realised I’d made the right choices.

Since then, life has been very quiet, and wonderfully lazy. We did, however, get ourselves a gloriously nice new TV (hooray for High-Def) and an XBOX 360, meaning life has been filled up with an awful lot of Chow Yun-Fat impersonations on the game Stranglehold, and discovering the true joys of oddball 3-D platform puzzler Portal, part of the ‘Orange Box’ collection.

Getting myself back into the swing of things is going to be an interesting process. 2008 really needs to be a serious writing year, whether I like it or not. Being terribly relaxed and lazy is all very seductive, but it isn’t actually going to get me anywhere.

Ah, well. Only time will tell…

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