Out of Synch (but feeling Cultured)

Wednesday morning, and I’m feeling seriously dislocated. 2,200 words written on the current Novella- which seems, as does all my writing, to be getting bigger and bigger by the minute. It was supposed to be 10,000 words, and I’ve already cracked 13,000, I haven’t yet finished- and even what I have written needs a lot of expanding and controlling.

The other problem is that, in a display of quite ridiculous silliness that I’m only capable of when in an incredibly scatty mood… I managed to go into London last night for this month’s BSFA interview with Iain M. Banks. Only one problem– I got the wrong night. Thankfully, I realised this before traipsing all the way from Waterloo to South Ken, but I still managed to feel like something of a complete berk, as the clues only truly added together in my head once I was already on the train to Waterloo. At the least, I was able to take advantage of my completely unnecessary trip by doing some Christmas shopping, and visiting the lovely nessreader, who was fantastic enough to track down a proof copy of Iain M. Banks’ new tome Matter for me, proving she really is a an absolute diamond.

Now, of course, instead of having a Wednesday in to cope with the rising tide of work – I’ve got another trip to look forward to. Hopefully, however, this one will go just a little bit smoother…

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