Sunday Morning (Here Again…)

Radio silence is happening in this case because I’m rushed off my feet by the tidal wave that is the London Film Festival. The four hour daily commute to and from London is giving me all kinds of fun (although I was able to stay over at a friend’s flat for the past couple of nights), and I’ve also seen a large number of films- most of which have been good, but most of which have also had maudlin, tragic or downright miserable endings. It’s a habit I’ve noticed of the LFF- Edinburgh never seems to have quite as many downers, but I at least had an OTT CGI animated adventure called Vexille last night, which was as strong an argument for the coolness of style over substance that I can think of. Today I get to go home- and I’m officially giving myself Tuesday off before leaping into another week of screenings. November 1st seems a very long way away…

One relief is that the new Mac OS (entitled Leopard) is finally being released on Friday, meaning I can update my computer, obtain all kinds of writing software I couldn’t with my current version, and carry out all kinds of computer-related funkiness- even though it has meant that, thanks to the Mac’s occasionally eccentric software names, I’ve been baffling George with outbursts like “If I get Leopard, I’ll finally be able to use Toast!”

Right. Time to go. More movies to watch…

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