Synapse Synopsis

The next stage is almost here- but I’ve got to get the synopsis right before I can officially leave The Hypernova Gambit alone. I’m working on it, and trying to get it to read well and not simply be a list of ‘and then this happenned’, but getting my head around it is a little on the tricky side. I veer from a kind of bizarre unshakable confidence in this thing, knowing that it’s so OTT and packed with so much life and vigour that something’s got to happen because of it (even if the writing isn’t always consistent)– to getting all negative and insecure and thinking that of course nobody’s going to want to publish it, for heaven’s sake. I am very proud of it, though, and I want the synopsis to reflect that, and to have as much of the energy of the novel as I can fit in– it’s just tricky thanks to the damn thing being so amazingly intricate. The detail is rather scary, but I’m going to find a way of doing this. I haven’t been doing all this subbing for the past few years for nothing.

I might know what I’m doing next, though. My head needs a little clearing, but I have an idea for a teen fantasy– and I think it’s big enough to give me a chance to do some enjoyably crazy stuff. All I’ve got to do is start it, and then keep going no matter what. Here’s hoping…

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