Dazed and Confused

Four hours of sleep followed by six hours solid driving isn’t the best way of going about things. LadyGeorge, as she is sometimes known, is now off having fun in Sweeden for the next few days, after which she’ll be off to Finland. Her flight was 7AM from Stansted Airport, which involved traversing the London Orbital Motorway known as the M25 at about 4 in the morning. This in itself wasn’t too bad. What turned out to be a problem was getting back– from mistakenly not refilling the petrol when I could have done, to the service station that let people queue up for petrol pumps and only told anyone that they were only taking cash via a handwritten sign of the pumps, to the point where my car’s engine decided to start impersonating one of the finer examples of the Great Western Railway steam age, it was somewhat of a saga. At one point, I found myself driving somewhere near Slough, desperate for a petrol station, and praying to any deity who might be listening- not a good place to be dealing with sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, I got through it all, collapsed in a heap at home, and then had to go and carry out all kinds of missions in Alton. I’ve got four days of subbing from tomorrow– I’ll be up at 6.30 am, so I need to be in bed soon. I’d like a chance to catch my breath, but I’m not sure I’m going to get one. Hey ho…

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