ECHOES FROM THE PAST: “Return of the Crimson Avenger” and “Suicide is Painless”

Thanks to some assistance from trissybabes, I’m now able to present two more examples of my filmmaking adventures, although these are both a lot more polished, more accomplished and a heck of a lot shorter than my famed no-budget epic The Alchemist. These are two short films that I made as part of my Media Production degree back in 1994 and 1995, shot on video, and both of them are written and directed by myself. First up was the ‘minor’, a four minute project (although this version has about a minute of extra credits) where we were given a theme that we had to work with, and interpret any way we saw fit. The theme was ‘Colour’, and the end result was “Return of the Crimson Avenger”:

After that relatively quiet production, I got terribly ambitious and aimed very high. The resulting ten-minute production isn’t perfect, but was a tremendous amount of work, and still features lots of moments that I’m very proud of. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective without the actress I got to appear, a girl called Jane Hillier who knocked it out of the park and gave me the weird experience of hearing dialogue I’d written brought to life in a way I really didn’t expect, or without Patrick Peiro, a fellow student and fine actor who helped me out at incredibly short notice on both films. It’s called “Suicide is Painless”, it features an incredibly eclectic soundtrack (all re-edited from different sources, including Doctor Who incidental music and the KLF), and I hope you enjoy it:

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